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Susanna Bearfoot, Creative Musician

As a creative musician I am nourished and inspired by the natural world, but the city speaks to me too.  The vibrant city of Birmingham sets my heart racing with the excitement of seeing and hearing a wide variety of musicians in performance. 

When I used to sit outside the yurt, sunlight glistening on the distant river Severn, I felt a sense of belonging to the earth, the field, the woods and the ever changing sky.  In my city of choice there is a buzz that gets every cell dancing.  The canal at Brindley Place,  a stroll outside St. Phillip's Cathedral where office workers sit eating their lunch.  Photograph by Anna Frost 

Friday evenings in the country might be spent making a fire in the yurt. In Birmingham it's Rush Hour Jazz at Symphony Hall.  Ninety minutes of free music to enjoy and inspire. 

Country and city, these are all joys for sharing.



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